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Welcome to Hot Rod Iowa

I've lived my entire life in Iowa except for some time Uncle Sam wanted back in the late 1960s. I've been fascinated with all things mechanical for as long as I can remember and like many car nuts, I've owned a bit of everything over the years. I've also tried my hand at all the standard gearhead projects...some with great success and some...not so much.

Jim Volgarino

I've often wondered, while leafing through my most current HOT ROD mag or now, looking at the various car blogs and e-mags, why we've not received the same respect as our coastal brethren. Hey, there's some great car stuff happening in the Midwest! Iowa has a rich history of racing, building and tinkering with cars (and trucks!). 

So that is the impetus for developing this site where you'll find articles of interest about all things IOWA car-related, a directory of WHO DOES WHAT where you might discover a builder or vendor/supplier you never knew was within our borders, a calendar of EVENTS and a listing of all the CLUBS that keep the car hobby alive and fun in our great state. Enjoy!

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